Confidence Adult Pants M 16's

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Confidence is Adult diaper pants for active elderly conditions (incontinence) that is easy to use. The shape is fit to body, does not bulge when you wear it feels like using underwear. Confidence Adult Pants has a high absorption thefore can be used longer and no need to worry when does not have time to reach the toilet. Parents become more "Confidence" for daily activities.

- Slim & Fit: Adult diapers Confidence is adult pants made Slim & Fit on the body, Not bulging feels like underwear.
- Ultra Soft Cover: The outer surface is made of clothlike(not plastic) so it feels cool makes the skin comfortable and avoid irritation.
- Extra Absorbency: Confidence Adult Pants are equipped with extra absorption so it is safe for everyday use and parents not need to worry when they do not have time to look for a toilet
- Side Leak Guard: Leak-proof side protector so there is no need to worry about leaks.
- Anti Bacteria: Confidence Adult Pants has Anti Bacteria which help prevent bacteria which can cause skin irritation

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