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Confidence Pads BUY 1 GET Confidence Insertion Pads (3) 0 0
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1 x Confidence Adult Pads 12s
Free 3 pcs Sample Confidence Insertion Pads

Confidence Adult Pads is the first adult pad product in Indonesia for solution to the problem of mild urinary incontinence. With the advantages of 3 times Protection and 3 times Absorption than ordinary pads and has been clinically tested by Australian dermatologists so it is safe for sensitive skin. Can be used both men and women who are still active who have problems inability to resist urination in small amounts or urinary incontinence type Stress (Pressure), ie urine dripping unintentionally when there is pressure in the basic muscles of the abdomen such as when sneezing, laughing , exercise, shock or other activities that suppress the bladder area.

1. SOFT COVER: Extremely soft and dry surfaces
2. SAP ANTI BACTERIA: Prevents the growth of harmful bacteria cause rashes
3. ULTRA DRY: Maximum absorbs and locks the liquid makes the surface remains dry

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